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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. – Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

An infamous quote that we all have heard time and time again, but what does this quote really mean?

Black women have always had to create their own lane of beauty standards due to the difficulties they faced in regards to Americas perception of “beauty”. The rise of black skincare, cosmetics lines and products emerged after the “Black is Beautiful” movement in the late 1960’s. The popular slogan  expressed the celebration of black skin and afro-styled hair and challenged the white norms of beauty represented by the “whiteness” shaped and defined American culture.

What better way to celebrate Juneteenth, than supporting another black woman launch of her business. I had the honor of attending the the launch of the black owned vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics  brand Raissa Yame Beauty. 

Raissa Yame Beauty offers inclusive beauty products for women of all skin types, tones and ages. “Raissa Yame Beauty” was created after the founder, faced challenges as a model, with make up artists not carrying shades that were suited for her dark skin tone.

Raissa Yame Beauty Launch
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