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Backstage Casting Calls

What other resources does offer?

Backstage is a platform relatively known for its Casting calls. Backstage hosts casting calls in major cities such as Charlotte, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Austin, Seattle, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.

If you have ever wondered if Backstage castings were real, I am here to tell you that they are legit casting calls.

Aside from Backstage casting calls there are other great resources on the platform that I am going to share with you in this article that I personally enjoy.

1. Affordable Workshops and Classes

Backstage uses their platform to connect talent with casting directors, agencies, managers and casting consultants. This feature is one of my favorites because it gives the talent the opportunity to work personally with persons in the industry that are potentially looking for talent for upcoming projects and so forth. Talent will get the opportunity to take a class with casting directors and managers. Although, representation is not guaraunteed after the class or workshop, the talent can keep in contact with the casting directors and/ or managers for future projects.

In my personal opinion the proper training is way more important than how many bookings you’ve made from Backstage casting calls.

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We are all familiar with the feature to search Backstage casting calls, but the talent search is just as dope. The TALENT feature is another favorite of mine because it allows casting personnels to search for talent on the platform and reach out to them for upcoming projects. Backstage has made it easier for scouting talent for projects. You are able to filter and narrow your search to find talent by  location, ethnicity, hair color, body type, union status, skills and age range.

Last, but certainly not least,  the monologue search. Have you ever had an acting audition and one of their requirements was to prepare a 1 – 2 minutes monologue?

So now, you’re finding yourself googling monologues just to come across a site that only shows you the first two sentences of the monologue, and in order to see the entire monologue, you have to pay for it. Then you go to pay for it, just to find out that its not quite the monologue that you was looking for. So now, not only did you waste $3, but you’re back to square one searching for another monologue.

Well look no further, Backstage provides over 700 monologues that you can use for FREE ! Backstage gives you the option to narrow your search for monologues according to genre, age range, category, and gender.

I found my monologue on Backstage and I still use it til this day. lol

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