What are Social Media Influencers ?

Social media influencers are the mainstream, influential person on social media networks, who promotes products and services for a brand. Influencers are good for brands because they have large numbers of loyal and dedicated social media followers. Their followers perceive them as experts in their niches and highly regard their recommendations.
The “Great Pandemic” of 2020 changed the modeling industry. Once the pandemic hit, all productions stopped, causing brands to panic. Clients flooded  Modeling Agencies with requests for individuals that could produce and record their own content.

Regular models weren’t equipped  to produce content that was good enough for the brands, so a lot of brands switched to social media influencers.

Social Media Influencers changed the model industry !

Influencers attract followers and consumers that they can relate to and feel more connected; the focus is not so much the brand itself. Their content reflects their everyday experiences, which makes it more authentic.

Models can’t be Social Media Influencers !

Models can work for many competing brands, which also makes it difficult for them to become influencers.

What brands look for in social media influencers….

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We spoke to Goldie, curve model, lifestyle influencer and social media manager.

Goldie has over 23+K followers on Instagram, 13+K followers on TikTok, with her creativity and ambition Goldie has exceeded her daily goals as a social media influencer. Don’t sleep on her!


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How did you start your career as a social media influencer and why?

When I first started on my plus size modeling journey, I noticed that some models in the industry were discovered by tagging the brands in pictures, working as an influencer and later getting booked as a model for the brand. I figured that could be me too! I was determined to establish myself as an influencer in order to become a booked and busy plus size model. So, I started taking better pictures, posting them on my social platforms and tagging brands. I also joined an influencer platform where I could find brands to connect and work with.

Do you think social media influencers are the “models” of the 21st century?

Yes and no. Models don’t influence buyers to shop, they just look good in the clothes. While you get the perks of being posted all over the brands page like a model, you don’t get the whole team a model has while on set. As a social media influencer, most of the time you’re the model, makeup artist, photographer, stylist, creative director, etc. So while your audience may look at you as a model for the brand, it’s so much more than that. Models are always the first go to for campaigns and e-comm shoots. Some influencers do get the opportunity to model and shoot an actual campaign with brands but not many.
Social media influencers have created a new way to be able to “model” and work with a brand besides being an actual agency signed model.

Do you think social media influencers will be around 3-5 years from now? 

Definitely! Brands are starting to realize the benefits of working with influencers and how powerful we can be. It’s not easy to persuade someone to buy a product just from a commercial and placing it in the store. If it was, influencing wouldn’t exist. The fact that an influencer can convince their audience to even click on a site to browse is huge.

What brands do you currently work with ?

I’m currently working with FashionNova, Rebdolls, Rent The Runway and Felina Intimates.

What are 3 tips that you would someone interested in becoming a social media influencer? 

  • Start taking pictures with what you already have and start posting and tagging brands with relevant hashtags
  • Get a posting schedule and stick to it!
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to brands. They can’t magically find you! But make sure it’s something good for them to look at on your page beforehand.
In conclusion, the rise for the demand of social media influencers has made a lot of things easier for brands. This trend is not going anywhere anytime soon, so what does this mean for models, is the question? Stay tuned for more updated articles on the rise of social media marketing and how it is vastly changing the modeling industry.

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