A GODDESS by definition is a woman who is adored, especially for her beauty.

When I hear the word GODDESS, it reminds me of POWER. A Goddess embodies her authentic femnine self. She is fearless, determined and strong.

I had the opportunity to work with Sean Wright, Columbia MD. Sean is a hairstylist, specializing in Natural Goddess and Faux Loc extensions. The Goddess Loc Style was created by Dr. Kari Williams in 2015. Goddess Locs are different from the normal faux locs style because they have a loose wavy end. In the video clip below you will see variations of hair stylist Sean Wright’s work for his photoshoot.


You may here different names such as Goddess Locs”, “Crotchet Locs”, “Mermaid Locs”, “Soft Locs”, “Boho or Bohemian Locs”. The only difference between each type are the techniques.

Are you looking to get faux locs? Well now you can purchase yours from Amazon for as low as $30. These Goddess Locos are 18 inches Pre-Looped Crochet Hair. goddess locs