Sam Fine Masterclass 


Exclusive Behind The Scenes inside Sam Fine Masterclass.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” * LAO TZU

“THE WORLD OF AN AMBITIOUS GIRL” : Tells a story of Cashaéy Serenity as she goes about her day as a working actress and model.






Some times I have no idea HOW or WHY, I am selected as a model for companies or brands but over the past 10 years I have met and worked with people that have made a positive impact on the beauty industry. April 1st, 2017, I had the opportunity to model for Sam Fine’s Hands-on Masterclass. The experience was amazing and I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

Are you asking yourself, Who is Sam Fine? lol Sam Fine is a well known celebrity make up artist. He has worked with celebrities such as Queen Latifah, Kerri Washington, and supermodels Tyra Banks, Iman and Naomi Campbell. I was chosen to participate as a model for one of his Masterclass students. 

Sam’s ideas have played a huge role in teaching women how to accentuate the naturally beauty in a range of skin tones that was long neglected by the cosmetics industry.

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